Suspect Arrested For All 10 Off-Campus Apartment Burlgaries Near Towson University

CBS Baltimore

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) –Baltimore County Police have arrested a man suspect of 10 off-campus burglaries near Towson University.

Vincent Davis Jr., 43, of the 1400 block of Taylor Avenue, 21234, has been charged with all 10 of these Precinct 6/Towson burglaries. Davis was arrested Friday by BCoPD detectives. He faces nine counts of first degree burglary and one count of attempted first-degree burglary. He is held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

According to police, the string of burglaries happened during the month of April and most of them could have been prevented.

Towson University students are shaken after a series of burglaries at 10 off-campus apartments.

“If I walk around at night, it’ll be brief and I’ll be on the phone with somebody,” said senior Raleigh Kennedy. “I don’t walk alone ever.”

According to Baltimore County Police, almost all the victims were women. Their jewelry, cash, medications…

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