REVIEW: Toss (A Gourmet Pizzeria) in Govans

DiningOUT in Baltimore

After watching “The Grand Budapest Hotel” at the refurbished and stylish main theater at “The Senator“, we were ready for dinner but also looking for something else other than the obvious choices across the street at Belvedere Square.   We  decided to try “Toss”, a casual and contemporary feel gourmet pizzeria, which is just 1/3 of a mile south of “The Senator”.  There’s a diverse mix of art on the wall that’s for sale (much of it at quite reasonable prices in the $30-$100 range)

IMG_2728The menu at Toss offers 4 starters ($5 – $8 including phyllo triangles stuffed with feta and sauteed spinach and Hummus served on warm pita), several salads ($5 – $9 varying on size; you can add grilled chicken or portabella mushrooms for an additional $3), Wings ($8.50 for ten with your choice of Buffalo, BBQ, Garlic or Old Bay/Olive Oil sauces and your choice…

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