B2B Social Media Infographic

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B2B Social Media Infographic

An Infographic concerning B2B Social Media

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What is CRM ?


Marketing & Customer Service

CRM systems for marketing track and measure campaigns over multiple contact channels, such as call centers, email, chat, social networking, inbound/outbound calling, and direct mail. These systems track clicks, responses, leads and deals.

CRM in Customer Contact Centers

CRM systems are Customer Relationship Management platforms. Their goal is to track, record, store in databases, and than data mine the information in a way at increases customer relations (predominantly increased ARPU, and decreased churn) The CRM codifies the interactions between you and your customers, so you can maximize sales and profits using analytics, KPIs, to give the the users as much as information on where to focus your marketing, customer service to maximize revenue, and decrease idle and unproductive contact with your customers. The contact channels (now aiming to be Omni-Channel from Multi-Channel, uses such operational methods as as contact centers The CRM software is installed in…

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B2B Content Marketing 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends

How marketers can drive engagement at every phase of the purchase cycle


It’s not just the moment of purchase that matters. To successfully build customer loyalty requires fresh marketing strategies at every phase of the purchase cycle: before, during, and after.

Before deciding to spend their hard-earned money with your brand, consumers receive countless messages that detail product announcements and ways to save money. To break through this noise, a streamlined and efficient engagement strategy is critical.

At the time of purchase, on the other hand, with consumers facing options from dozens of competitors, brands must change the shopping game to aid consumers in making an educated buying decision.

Finally, after a purchase is made, your brand has a choice of either allowing the customer to walk away in anonymity or continue the conversation by creating an identified and meaningful ongoing relationship.

Whether it’s before, during, or after, there are various tactics that marketers can utilize to effectively engage with consumers along…

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5 (Relatively Simple) Steps To B2B Social Media Marketing Success – Fast Company

Kenneth Carnesi

Fast Company
5 (Relatively Simple) Steps To B2B Social Media Marketing Success
Fast Company
Once you define your overall social media marketing goals (e.g. increase sales) and determine specific objectives (e.g.

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The 9 Big Emerging Markets Stories In One Map

Kenneth Carnesi

A complete guide to what’s going on in EM.

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Target Warned of Vulnerabilities Before Data Breach – Wall Street Journal

Kenneth Carnesi

Krebs on Security Target Warned of Vulnerabilities Before Data Breach Wall Street Journal At least one analyst at the Minneapolis-based retailer wanted to do a more thorough security review of its payment system, a request that at least initially…

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