2014 = The Year of Small Business

A new year means a new start, right? Right. But what entails a “new start?” For small businesses, 2014 is the year for you!

Fox Small Business Center recently released an article titled “Why 2014 Will Be the Year of the Small Business.” The article broke it all down into four simple ways to do so.new-years-eve

1. “Embrace Responsive Design.” What does this mean? Technology. Here in the 21st Century technology is key. Now a days, we’re impatient. If something does load quickly enough for us, we click out of it. If we’re put on hold for too long we hang up. No one likes to wait in lines and talk to people. We would much rather do everything from our phones.

As a small business owner, you should incorporate a strategy that allows consumers to do everything needed from a smart phone. It’s fast and simple. By doing so, you can create loyal customers with the tech savvy.

2. “Establish Mobile Email Marketing Infrastructure.” Email marketing has grown to be the go to for communicating with consumers. It’s affordable, that is what makes it most appealing. There are mobile devices everywhere, not even necessarily a phone.

images-23Small businesses can easily obtain email addresses, which make this strategy ideal. Once again, technology is your friend.

3. “Content is King.” Context is the main component to a good marketing strategy. But words on a page are words on a page. As a small business owner, you need to think outside of the box! By doing this, you’ll reach your audience in a different and more memorable way.

4.“Go After Those Millennials.” Again, technology. This generation is even more impatient than the last. Most of the time, they don’t even know street marketing exists. Their heads are too busy buried into their phones. So what’s the best way to market to them? Their phones. They’re trendy and thrifty. By making your product the best price on the market and by using compelling content to grasp their attention, your small business will beat out the big retailers, every time.

This is the big year for small businesses to take control of the U.S. economy’s backbone. Ring in 2014 and take control.

For more information contact USB Payment Processing or call us at 410 828 4286.



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