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Since the 2000s terms associated with Social Services have been tossed around, especially Social Networking, Social Media and Social Marketing. More often than not, marketing professionals misuse these terms which in return creates confusion for the rest of us. If the professionals can’t figure it out then how can we? Steve Parker Jr., CEO and Co-Founder of Levelwing, a digital marketing firm offering media, claims this to be the breakdown.imagesCAHLKVSV

Social Networking is one of the original social terms referring to the actual social structure of a web-based community of consumers who actively connect and share information between one another. A social networking platform allows consumers to share ideas, pictures, interests, events and more. Your own personal Facebook page or YouTube channel are perfect examples of social networking.

Social Marketing is probably the most obvious of the three. Social Marketing isn’t only measured by sales figures, this term also relates to how brands are representing themselves on social networking sites. Social Marketing relates to the techniques and concepts that are being taken to achieve your brands specific goals. For example, if your brand is launching a Facebook page and looking to build exposure and increase audience members, we must first consider your Social Marketing Strategy. How will this page represent your brand? What type of content will speak to your customer? How will you reach your target audience?

Social Media is just that: media. This phrase refers to (paid) digital advertising that takes place on a social networking platform; for example a Facebook run-of-site ad or a promoted Tweet. When we’re discussing your business’s “Social Media Strategy” we are talking about how our team of experts will leverage social advertising to reach your marketing goal though imagesCA05KHPUa measurable, paid social media strategy. This strategy includes targeting based on content, demographics, interests and more. While Social Media is an investment, with the right strategy it can be a powerful tool to achieve your Social Marketing and business goals.

Social is a new thing. It has introduced us to what feels like a new language; things can get confusing.

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