Save Money by Helping Maryland Succeed

It’s Friday night aka date night and you and your man are trying to find a new place to eat instead of always resorting to your go-to. You both make suggestions to one another but you can’t agree so you end up at your typical Italian crab

In a recent article Hilary Yeh mentions that there are over 500 restaurants in Howard County, and when you add in all of the restaurants from Anne Arundel and Montegomery, you end up with roughly 3,200 restaurants. So instead of going to your usual place, branch out a little.

The Restaurant Association of Maryland’s (RAM) statistics from last year showed that Maryland’s restaurant and hospitality industry supported $10 billion to the state’s economy.  This shows that by having successful restaurants, Maryland’s economy will thrive.

RAMEven if you own your own establishment or support the foodservice industry, you can help boost the economy by dining at a patrons’ restaurant. When you’re hosting a shower, business dinners, family outings, etc. host your event at a local restaurant. Give back to the community in simple ways.

So what’s the best way to choose where you should dine out? USB Payment Processing has the solution for you. With our My Business Network you can get the best deals at your new favorite places. We have coupons for over 150 local Maryland restaurants. Some businesses even have multiple deals for one place. Why not go out, try a new place, and get a great deal for doing so?

For more information on USB Payment Processing feel free to contact us at 410.828.4286


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