How to be Recognized as a Leader at Work


How to be Recognized as a Leader at Work

There’s no doubt that becoming a leader at work can be a quite a challenge. You have the aspiration to be a leader but you don’t have the title of Leader… Yet.  So, how do you make yourself standout at work and have management recognize you as a leader?

While there are many ways to be recognized as a leader at work, below we will explore a few ways to position yourself as a leader without being too obvious about your ambitions.

— Take Charge & Responsibility — If you want to be a leader at work you have to take charge… even when you have not been “officially” given the task of leader. It is important to take responsibility for the good things that you and your team make happen as well as the bad.  It is okay to admit your mistakes.  You not only have a hand…

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The 5 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Companies Make

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Social media.  Much had been written, everyone is talking about it.  Everyone wants to know what you are doing in it.  Still many folks do not understand the process.  But that doesn’t stop some companies from jumping in anyway.  However, that might not be the best strategy.


Executing a social media strategy that makes a difference takes thought, planning and consistent execution.  In social media many companies feel the pressure to be involved and jump in before they have really thought it through.  They end up making one or more of these easy-to-avoid mistakes:

  1. Starting without a plan.  A fairly common way for some companies to get started in social media is to sign up for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts and then “let’s see what happens.”  It’s also likely that almost nothing will happen and certainly the world won’t beat a path to your door to see what…

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Subject Lines That Get Your Email Marketing Read

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email marketing subject linesIt’s no surprise to anyone that our inboxes are absolutely overflowing. In fact, a lot of us have more than one email address (I have 5 now that I think about it!) and trying to keep up with the barrage of emails can be overwhelming. With so much vying for our attention, marketing emails often get overlooked (aka – ignored) by consumers because the subject lines simply aren’t compelling enough to make someone want to open it. Subject lines act as your first impression and need to be compelling in order to catch consumers’ attention. So let’s take a look at some subject line keywords that work!

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