Four Ways to Build Influential Connection


Top 10 Tips For Integrating Content Strategy Into Social Media

Kenneth Carnesi

Content marketing is becoming something that no brand or business can miss out on. The same goes for social media. Marry the two well and you will gain customers for life.

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Here Are 10 Simple Body Language Tips That Will Boost Your Career

Kenneth Carnesi

Body language is one of the most important and powerful types of communication in the history of the world. A wink conveys an air of mysticism and charm, a simple raised hand in front of your face tells everyone that you are not going to put up with what is happening anymore, and a leg popped behind you with your head tilted back is the international symbol for glee and whimsy.

How you present yourself physically at work can truly help (or hinder) your career. According to a study led by Amy J.C. Cuddy (@amyjccuddy), an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, standing in a power pose for a few minutes before an interview can literally help you get the job. Watch Cuddy’s excellent TED Talk on power poses here. According to Cuddy, power posing also increases people’s tolerance for risk and pain, and their ability to think…

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