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Go to our Facebook page and post a picture of your Halloween Spirit. Our contest runs until the day of Halloween and the picture with the most likes will win a $50 gift card to a restaurant of your choice!


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Formerly Homeless Man Gets Awesome Reward for Turning in Cash


In an act that restores faith in humanity, 59-year-old James Brady was rewarded the full $850 that he found lying in the street in a bank envelope six months ago.

Brady, who was living at a homeless shelter at the time, turned in the cash to police in Hackensack, N.J., after discovering it last April, the New Jersey Recordreports. But the unclaimed money sat for six months before officers returned it to its finder.

“Even though I was homeless, I thought there are people out there who could be worse off,” he s aid. “I had my mother’s voice in my head: ‘It’s not yours.'”

Brady became homeless following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. A trained news photographer who transitioned into a career as a market data analyst, Brady was meant to be at the World Trade Center that day for a conference but canceled at the last…

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When You Should (And Shouldn’t) Use a WordPress Plugin

Kenneth Carnesi

Using plugins habitually can get to be a major problem for your page, with one of the worst being increased loading time which can lead to lower search rankings. Here’s how to evaluate plugins.

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5 ways you are not using LinkedIn, but should be!

Simple Marketing Lessons From Candy Crush- YES you read that right!

Marissa's Picks

I recently came across a great post from Ted Kohnen, Chief Marketing Officer at Stein IAS on What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Candy Crush.  If you’re like me you are totally addicted to Candy Crush. It’s been almost two months since i’ve started playing and I still can’t put the game down, I’m stuck at level 181, but continue to “crush” daily on my commute into work.

Ted’s article highlights four best practices which marketers can take away from Candy Crush.

1) Simple content is often the most effective

2)  The journey has no end. 

3)  “Gate” content at the most appropriate places and times.

4)  Big data insights lead to increased stickiness. 

In summary, this article really sums up four really great content marketing lessons.  Not only is content king, but keeping content simple is crucial for successful content marketing. This is the most basic…

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