Credit Card Application Denied? What You Can Do

CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you apply for a credit card and you’re denied, you can do something about it.

Ever hear of the term “reconsideration”?

It’s a little known secret in the world of credit cards, but it’s a tool that might help you explain your side of the story if your credit card application is denied. says most applications are processed by computer, and can be instantly thrown out based on specific credit monitoring criteria.

You’ll get a letter in the mail telling you why you were denied, but if you call a “reconsideration” phone number, you get to talk to a live person to make your case.

Just make sure you call within 30 days of your rejected application.

You can find a list of valuable numbers below:

American Express 800-314–0237
Bank of America 866-458-8805
Capital One 800-625-7866
Citi 800-695-5171
U.S. Bank 800-947-1444
Chase 888-254-0625

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