Make Yourself Google’s #1

Why is it so important that your blog ranks highly on Google? The answer is simple; Google is currently one of the top search engines out there and hundreds of thousands of people “google” things daily. Meaning that if you rank highly then you get those readers reading your blog. number1google11

So it makes sense that you would want your blog to be searched, found and observed by all of these people. Now the question is, how do you become one of the top searched blogs on Google? Content. It is important to include relevant and strong content on your blog or webpage that Google wants to see. This way it is more likely for you to be number one. In a recent article, Kim Garst goes through 8 simple steps on how to create the proper content that will help you rank highly on Google.

Step One: Create Content for People, Not Computers

You want to focus your topics on whatever you know your audience will like. For instance, if your blog is about all credit card processing, mobile payments, etc. you wouldn’t want to be writing about “what to feed a unicorn” or “how to train a dolphin.” Your site should be filled with your brand or your company and all things relevant to that. It should be in the genuine interest to the people reading the blog because that’s why they read it in the first place.

Step Two: Be Unique

Lit light bulb amongs unlit incandescent bulbsYou want your blog to stand above the rest. If you’re writing the same thing as everyone else in your niche, why is someone going to choose yours over another blogger? You need to provide innovative content with substantial value when compared to other pages that are similar.  You want people to be clicking on your blog, not anyone else’s.

You need to offer what everyone else doesn’t. You need something that no one else has – stand out from the rest. For example, there are a ton of payment processing companies out there. But when you process with USB you also get free advertising among other local companies with our My Business Network.

Step Three: Go Beyond the Obvious

You need to show the Internet Universe that you’re in charge. You’re the expert on your topic and anyone who needs answers will come to you. Does your content make readers say “everyone knows that” or “tell me something I don’t know.” If so, that is not what you want!

Your readers want the latest and greatest info. They want insightful up-to-date content to be ahead of all of their friends. That’s exactly what you need to give to them. Otherwise, they will go to the blog that has just that.

Step Four: Include Infographics

This is a more appealing way for your audience to respond because it’s better than just plain text. It is a unique spin on a usual action. By using infographics you show your readers your understanding of your topic.

Infographics are also a fantastic SEO boost. Good infographics lead to your blog going viral, meaning that you will have people flooding to your website. The more traffic on your site, the

Step Five: Be Thorough

If anyone asks you a question or leaves a comment be sure to provide thorough information so that whether they are a reader or not they will feel satisfied with your answer. This is how you can get potential readers to keep up with your site. By taking the time to answer questions, this shows that you care about your audience and people love that.

Google is well aware of how long readers stay on your blog or even a page on your site. That’s yet another thing that influences into your ranking on Google. They want the best of the best ranked highly and their process is quite thorough to ensure that happens.

Lastly, you want to be thorough when proofreading too. No one wants to read content with misspellings, poor grammar or even false information. Be sure to research and investigate what you’re putting out there. You wouldn’t want to be providing readers with deceitful content. Google likes clear, precise and neat content. So make sure that is what you give them.

Step Six: Think of Yourself as the Consumer

Obviously, you’re going to be biased, however, think of yourself as a person who has never seen your blog but is attracted in the topic.

Would you read the blog? Would you share or recommend it? By taking a step back and trying to imagine how others see your blog can be helpful. You might think it’s the best thing in the whole world, but it might not be seen that way to others. Maybe you can figure out a way to improve it by seeing it in a different way. You need your readers to be happy so you could even ask them for ideas or suggestions. Don’t be afraid to try new things and step out of the box every once in a while.

Step Seven: Update Regularly

As I’ve stated before, updating your blog regularly can only help you. Not only is it great for SEO, but Google also loves it. Google wants to ensure that you’re posting new and relevant content. By updating your site and posting new information constantly your name is more likely to be on your readers’ minds. Plus the more you publish, the more Google has the chance to rank highly.

Step Eight: Connect with Your Visitors

SocialNetworkMake a connection with your visitors. If you do this, you could make them repeat visitors. Who wouldn’t want that, right? By interacting and communicating with your readers you make their experience real. You instantly become a human and that helps them relate to you and your material.

People read blogs to gain information and to be entertained. So give them what they want. Provide them with the information that they are looking for and entertain them while you do it. People like pictures and things to click on, so if you do that and give them well researched information you’re set.

Follow Garst’s 8 easy steps for writing your blog’s content and fix what needs to be fixed and you’ll be set. Make your site Google’s new favorite and receive high rankings.

For more information contact USB Payment Processing at 410.828.4286.


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