Credit card rewards

Adventures in Lifelong Learning

We’ve had an REI Visa credit card since December 2011, and since then we have racked up a lot of rewards in the form of REI store credit (all of which we have used, as well).  Since we have decided to cut spending, though, we haven’t gotten anything from REI since we bought Mr. LL’s bike for his daily commute.  Recently we used some rewards on our USAA Mastercard to purchase airline ticket discounts for a trip to visit his family (we were able to get our tickets for $230 each).  I hadn’t used the USAA Mastercard regularly since we got the REI Visa.

We ultimately decided to switch back from using the REI Visa to using the USAA rewards card, since in our cost-cutting calculus, we are willing to give up outdoor clothes and equipment, but we are not willing to stop traveling to visit our families (both of…

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