Declare Independence with your Rewards Card

This year’s family get together for the Fourth is at your place. Now you need to buy food and your red, white, and blue decorations, your cash back reward card can help you save on all of it from fruit to flags. In most cases, providers offer you a percent back on all of your purchases. However, other providers allow you to get additional money back for buying products from particular stores. For example, many supermarkets do just that. This way you can save money on your cookout by getting cash back when you buy your hamburgers and hot dogs. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here at USB Payment Processing, we want to make sure that you have all the rewards card knowledge you need to enjoy your holiday weekend. Now is the time to use the rewards you’ve been racking up all summer long. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip across states to celebrate the holiday or even if you’re just going across town to see friends, your rewards card can save you money on the gas that gets you there. There are tons of ways that you can spend your rewards, so make sure that you shop wisely. Amber Stubbs, editor of, suggests that when you are choosing a rewards card that you should “choose a credit card that offers rewards that fit your lifestyle. Whether that’s double miles for frequent fliers or bonus points on categories of items you buy on a regular basis, your points can really add up if you have the right card for your needs.” Meaning that, by having the right card for you, booking your ticket for the holiday weekend could be less expensive than you originally thought. However, when you are choosing a card, make sure that you are also aware of the rates and fees.

The latest quarterly Capital One Rewards Barometer survey showed that 42% of consumers plan on using their cash back money on gasoline for summer trips. This shouldn’t be surprising due to the incline in recent gas prices. Travel experts at AAA has predicted that 39 million Americans 50 or less miles this Fourth of July weekend. The biggest problem consumers have run into when planning last minute trips is black out dates.

As for holiday shopping, Amy Lenander, Vice President of Rewards Programs at Capital One has this to say, “there are some serious rewards opportunities available during the holidays that can give you even more value. To get the most out of your rewards program, card holders should check with their card issuer to see what kind of special promotions they are offering.” It has been stated that 75% of card holders are unaware of special holiday shopping deals.

In a recent article, Martha White states that when choosing a rewards card make sure you compare offers. “Issuers have expanded their offerings to such a degree that sometimes you can find the same reward for fewer points through alternate means. Just be sure you’re comparing apples to apples,” White says.

The Fourth of July is a day dedicated to spending time with your family and celebrating the birth of our Nation, so be sure to save all the money you can on your travels, holiday parties, and family events with your cash back rewards card.

For more information feel free to contact  USB Payment Processing at 410. 828. 4286.


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