Start Your (Search) Engine (Optimization)

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the development of a website or webpage in a search engine, such as Bing or Google’s search results. Basically, the higher ranked pages appear more frequently in result lists. This means that more visitors will be directed to those sites. Stick with our blog for USB Payment Processing and you will be an SEO expert in no time.seo1

Paying close attention to SEO can greatly improve your business’ site or even your blog. Oddly enough, there are several small businesses that have not heard of SEO or lack the basic knowledge for success. I’m here with USB to instill you with that knowledge so you may improve your blogging abilities.

In reality, the fundamental SEO takes no time at all to complete. Many small businesses are under the belief that SEO isn’t needed, and all one needs to have a successful blog is powerful words. But, think about it. When you combine your powerful words and the basic SEO you create an unstoppable combination.

So, the question is how do you create this irresistible SEO? Some blog sites make it so simple that they offer you SEO plugins, which practically do the work for you. With other sites, bloggers aren’t so lucky.

For those of you who do not wish to pay the extra money or money at all, there are easy steps that you can do to improve your blog on your own. If you take these steps before you hit “publish” you’ll be ahead of your competition. In a recent article, Janice Cuban mentions some of the important steps a blogger should take.

1. Images, Images, Images!

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Yes, pictures make your blog prettier and more inviting but they do more than just that. It has been proven that any content that has graphics is clicked on and gets more hits than those that don’t. Visuals have become one of the most powerful SEO tools. So, if you include just one photo, you are ahead of all the businesses that did not.

2. Keyword Research

After you have your subject and you start on your verbiage, you should think about possible keywords for you to include. For example. If you were writing about “The Explosion of Mobile Payment” you would want to include keywords like “technology”, “development”, “credit card processing” and “smart phones”. By having keywords mentioned throughout your blog the Google keyword search tool will be aware of these words and your site has a better chance of getting hits. However, your post should sound natural and should flow. You don’t want your blog to be read like a robot.seo-mistakes-bloggers-should-avoid

3. Include Categories and Tags

Including Categories and Tags in your post will only benefit you. Categories are the type of content discussed in that blog post. In a mobile payment piece, a category might be “latest technology”. On the other hand, Tags are more detailed phrases, like “payment processing”. It is important to know the difference between the two in order to be successful.

4. Back link everything

By linking to your past posts, other authors’ blogs, and external content you add awareness and significance that boosts your SEO. Like keywords, back linking can tactically enhance your blog’s credibility. Besides that, other bloggers might use your posts as a back link in the future.

5. Have your site load faster

Search engines (just like people) don’t like slow loading sites. Meaning that if your blog takes too long to load, you aren’t going to get many hits. But there’s an easy fix for that too. By decreasing the file size and retitling the file name to something more specific, your site will be moving much more quickly.

6. Be social

A good idea for bloggers as well as small businesses is to use their social networks to advertise one another. Meaning, that by using your Facebook account to share your latest blog post, you will bring more traffic to your blog because now that many more people are aware that it exists. The same thing goes for Twitter, Google+, etc. This is merely self-promotion, but it can go a long way. After you share your posts and your “friends” stumble on it, then they might share it and have their “friends” read it. With every share and like you receive, your SEO increases and extends your network.

seoOnce you get into the habit of doing these easy steps, your SEO will increase and the hits will start coming. Don’t forget, many aspects contribute to a good blog, you need enticing content, strategic SEO, and finally, to post regularly. Posting on a regular basis keeps your blog and your name in existence. By doing these simple steps, you will be well on your way to being a master blogger.

One last note, an important thing to remember is that people aren’t always the nicest. Meaning that, sometimes you might receive not so nice comments. Yes, you could look at comments like this negatively, but the good news is that you have the chance to turn them around.

Most times, someone will comment in a negative fashion due to a personal complaint. In many cases, they just want to voice their opinion on the mater. But, this gives you the opportunity to respond and help fix the problem. By doing this, you will show everyone your commitment to your business or even to your customers’ happiness. Hopefully, this change’s their opinion on the matter and you’ll have yet another satisfied customer.

Even though the comment they made was negative, this can give you important feedback for the future that you can use to improve whatever the problem that has surfaced.

For more information feel free to contact USB Payment Processing at 410 828 4286.


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