Maximize eCommerce Business Credit Card Sales

Every company wants the maximum number of eCommerce sales to boost their business. J.J. Belle recently wrote an article describing the best ways to do just that. He narrowed it down to the top five ways to increase eCommerce sales.

1. “One Click Check Out” – Many would say the latest phase to take over the nation is online shopping. People love to shop and now that they can do it from the convenience and comfort of their own home, which makes it that much easier. Consumers no longer have to deal with the bustle and stress of stores and their grumpy employees. Instead, they can merely log into their online account and with a few quick clicks your new wardrobe or lawn tool is purchased.

Your company can benefit from this knowledge, customers that like to shop online love the quickness of it and they love the fact that products sold online are more unique than those sold in stores. However, maybe your product is not unique? You can still maximize your sales by making this “one click check out” concept come true. In today’s world, simple is better. Lead the consumer from the product to their shopping cart to the billing info then the submit button. Purchase complete.

2.  “Recommend Products” – Belle claims that by recommending similar products the average order size will increase. Customers might not have seen the “extra” options previously and now they are more likely to add these products to their cart, as well. Have your merchant services provider setup your website to suggest different products once a consumer adds something to their shopping cart.

3. “Transactional Emails with Upsell Products” – The products recommended should also be displayed in a “follow up email.” Those of you who have done any online shopping in your lifetime are well aware of the confirmation email and receipt sent after a purchase has been made. This is where those recommended products should be flaunted. Belle states that “70% of the message content is a receipt and the subject line is a receipt,” that way the consumer is able to identify the content and is more likely to open the email.

4. “Loyalty Program” – Who loves winning free prizes? Most consumers do. If your company offers a particular program in which your most loyal customers receive rewards for visiting, they will have an incentive to return again in hopes of more prizes. A successful program might even lead to your customers mentioning your site to their friends and family, leading to more purchases from your site.

5. “Promo Codes” – Everyone wants a good deal. Having promo codes and discounts will draw more consumers in to your site. Someone could see a product for $50 and believe it to be too much. However, if they see that same product on sale for $50 but it was originally $100 they think of it as a great choice. People love thinking that they received a great deal for a product and that they saved a ton of money. There is no better feeling. After they have seen and used your company’s promos they could end up as one of your loyal subscribers. Your loyal subscribers will boast about the great deals they received to their friends leading to the greatest tool in marketing, word of mouth.

If you have ever visited big sites such as Amazon or eBay you would notice that they take similar approaches to maximize their sales. Considering how successful they are, it would be foolish not to go about sales the same way. By making simple changes such as these your company will be lead to greater success.

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