Save. Connect. Promote. Grow.

That’s the USB way.

For over 16 years, local business owners have been receiving the lowest processing costs in the industry thanks to USB.

USB takes the industry that has become predominately voice-automated systems and makes processing personal once again. Our team USBis filled with experts in the field whose main goal is to help you. Meaning, there aren’t any button navigation systems or operators assisting you. Instead, you can talk to a live person.

The company is the desired provider of merchant services for many organizations, including those both inside and outside of the Baltimore area.

As USB Payment Processing NE, Inc., we have our own advertising program that enables users to reach a variety of consumers every day. This way your ad will be seen by thousands of potential consumers every day for no cost.

Our goal is to save our customers money and time by promoting them on our site. By doing this, they connect with other customers giving all businesses an opportunity to grow.

For more information feel free to contact us at 410 828 4286.